Sliding Support Rails

Sliding Support Rails

Sliding Support Rails are L-shaped support kit that supports rack-mount equipment from below.

Features-Sliding Support Rails

  • Designed for mounting depth from 500mm-850mm
  • Weight capacity 40kg
  • Fits any 4 Post Rack
  • Best Seller取り付けイメージ.png

This is rack mount rails which designed for mounting depth from 500mm-850mm.

Even if you do not know which shelves are appropriate or you purchased a used server without rackmount rail,this rackmount rail is available in any cases.In addition to this rackmount rails,there are shelves as other options.

*Both side can be used.どっちでも大丈夫イメージ.png
Official Product Name

Sliding Support Rails

Coating Color



Approximately 22.4kg

Model Number


Adjustable mounting range

Depth 500~850mm

Weight capacity

Approximately 40kg

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