Server Rack Cabinet

Server Rack Cabinet

This series is one of the most popular server rack in CenterPEER.

Features-Server Rack Cabinet

  • High Adaptability/Usability
  • Wide Variety of Rack Styles
  • Best Seller
  • Customizable

Universal: EIA standard-compliant design

CenterPEER`s server racks(19-inch racks) meets the EIA standards for 19-inch racks. Whatever kinds of server customers use, the server racks are compatible with it such as HPE, Dell EMC, IBM and HUAWEI etc. There are huge range of options which make users much more comfortable.

Security: Manage server units and the data stored inside them safely and securely

In addition to customizing a dimension of the series, we can tailor our design of its server racks and options to meet specific needs based on customers needs. For instance, extension frame for extending the the rack`s depth.The air ducting kit directs air from the front of the server racks into the intake of side airflow equipment such as Juniper MX240 and MX480 . Numerous varieties of our customers have been satisfied with the series which has many actual sales records.パンチング扉_透過処理.jpg
Official Product Name

Server Rack Cabinet

Coating Color

Standard color are Black or Ivory
It is possible to specify the coating color


It depends on its size

Model Number

SP Series



Effective U No.

Standard: 12U/20U/25U/38U/40U/42U/60U

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