Mobile Device Charging Cart

Mobile Device Charging Cart

Features of Mobile Device Charging Cart

  • Customizable and removable shelving
  • Changeable Keys for maximum security
  • Customizable charging configuration.

Along with the recent spread of ICT, mobile tablets such as PC and smartphone are utilized in all industries such as schools,hospitals, restrants and real estates.Nowadays as Virtual Reality(VR)/Augmeted Reality(AR) has been involving, its usage is expected to utilize in many industries and services as well.In cases of managing these devices collectively, it is necessary to devise for not running out of battery or loss.

Best solution is THIS. Mobile Device Charging Cart

See How Mobile Device Charging Cart Works

Unlike other charging cabinets or stations, Mobile Device Charging Cart let you buy each unit.

“What” “When” “How”.

Individual needs are is possible to combine each its units and depends on how you want to use.Mobile Device Charging Cart makes its demands possible and optimaze your way.

*Power supply products are additional options.If you would like to purchase,please contact us below.
Corresponding terminal

Tablet/Smartphone/Laptop with height less than 205 mm, width less than 18 mm, depth less than 300 mm respectively.

Official Product Name

Mobile Rack

Coating Color



H935/W600/D460 (mm) included casters

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