Mobile Device Charging BOX 【Compact Type】

Mobile Device Charging BOX 【Compact Type】

This product is for charging mobile devices.

Mobile devices are active in various scenes such as museums, factories, offices.

There are many situation around the world that mobile devices are utilized in the museums or offices somewhere business scenes. That is not only specific industry but also some industries. Along with that, tablet and smartphone has become a necesity.

Customers’ comments for Mobile Device Charging Box

  • I want to charge only around 10 devices.
  • Compact size is better because I want put it on desk always.
  • I am assuming to carry it in the office.
  • We are not plannning to store as many as 50 tablets, but there will be a possibility that we store 40 tablets.

etc…. Thankfully, we have got comments from customers.

Portable compact model Mobile Device Charging Box has been released as customers wish.

Features- Mobile Device Charging Box

  • Up to 20 tablets or smartphone can be stored simultaneously. Dimension of supported device/ Less than 123 mm x 210 mm x 20 mm.
  • Stacking in the vertical direction · horizontal direction can be connected. Mobile device charging box is stackable so that it is easy to increase a number of device you store.
  • You can attach a door considering security. If you are considering to install Mobile Device Charging Box in public place, you can attach the door but if not you can detach it easily.
  • You can attach a security cable as a protection against theft.
  • Wiring cable holder. Wiring cable holders are equipped as standard In order to organize cabling.

We can propose the optimum model tailored to customers, so feel free to contact us from inquiry of specification to operation method.
Official Product Name

Mobile Device Charging BOX

Coating Color



Approximately 5kg


H200/W500/D249 (mm)

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