Adjustable Open Frame Server Rack

This series is one of the unique server racks in CenterPEER.

Features-Adjustable Open Cabinet Rack

  • Adjustable mount depth from 430mm- 730mm
  • Removable casters
  • Options: Sliding fixed shelf and sliding support rails

Usage scenes

  • Case 1

When you choose the appropriate server rack, you should consider its dimension. Even after the cases that install or select, it happens a lot that changing the rack dimensions based on equipment.

  • Case 2

A difference between server rack and audio equipment rack is its depth dimensionally. With the difference, when using the audio equipment we need to use audio equipment rack And the network equipment uses network rack. So even though there are a few installed equipment, there are cases in which two racks must be prepared due to this issue.

How Adjustable Open Cabinet Rack Works well

This adjustable rack can resolve the problem above and reducing labor work. This adjustable rack expands and contracts in the depth direction so that it can be used for a wide range of applications, and it is devised so that not only audio equipment and network equipment but also server equipment can be installed.

How to use加工済2-500.png
Official Product Name

Adjustable Open Cabinet Rack

Coating Color

Standard color are Black or White
It is possible to specify the coating color.


Approximately 12.5kg

Model Number



H737 (16U)

Effective U No.


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