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What is a Server Rack (19 inch rack) ? Essential Tips for Server Rack

3月 7, 2018

Nowadays, IT equipment such as servers, storage and routers are mounted into Server rack 19 inch rack to protect from external impact.Here is profitable but basic tips around server rack.

What is a Server Rack?

Features of Sever Rack


These are some pictures of server racks below. Mainly it is used for accommodate IT equipment such as servers, storage, HUB and switches, etc to improve efficiency of management and operation.There are many types of server racks that exist for all specific needs and situations. For instance 2-post rack 4-post rack network rack. As a feature of 4-post server rack (19 inch rack) , it has 4 mounting rails to mount equipment.



<Regarding Rack Mount Server>

“Rack mount server” and “Rack mount equipment” refer to server and IT equipment that be mounted to mounting rails horizontally. By contrast, generally servers which  are around on desk in the office are called tower servers. We normally provide our racks for rack mount servers.



Regarding the EIA standard

Commonly server rack is called various ways such as 19 inch rack, system rack, server cabinet and server cart etc. It depends on location and industry but especially server rack which meets EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance)  are called 19 inch rack.Normally server rack is 19 inch rack but sometimes depending on the mounted equipment, you must use 21 inch rack or 23 inch rack.

Take a look at a picture below. 19 inches is not distance of width of server rack. The 19 inch dimension is a distance between edges of mounting rails. 19 inches=482.6mm



Where is Server Rack Used at?

Mainly you can see server rack in data center, network center, office, lab etc. Recently even small company has server rack in its offices.What about your office?

If you are not involved in with these businesses or institutions above, you maybe would not have opportunities of seeing it. However, some engineers construct it in order to use for their study or hobby in their home. In this case, they prefer to use small server rack like 12U~24U.

What  is Popular Server Rack Size?

19 inch rack is standardized only the distance of between mounting rails.There is no concrete rule regarding other dimension. That is why plenty of types of size exist ( Height, width, depth ) .



Here is popular dimensions that we provide often  as many as other makers do.


  • Height … 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm
  • Width … 600mm / 700mm / 800mm
  • Depth … 1000mm / 1100mm / 1200mm

Since the width of the 19-inch server is stipulated by the EIA standard, it is possible to store the equipment itself if the rack width is 600 mm, but from the operational aspect such as cable routing and ease of maintenance, it is 700 mm wide and 800 mm wide Racks are also used. Such wide racks are sometimes called “wide racks”. In the EIA standard, the depth of the server is not regulated, and rack mount servers with long depths are being released year by year, so the depth of the rack tends to be longer.

<Small server rack>

This is for small offices or stores with small amount of mounting equipment. In this case small server rack likely to be used. Its height is from 700mm to 1200mm. There are also types of small racks that mount the equipment vertically to accommodate the desk’s gaps.



Color ?

The color of server rack are almost cases of black or white yet we accept offers many times that clients would like racks specific color. For example red, blue, yellow, orange and navy blue which are corporate colors. We can provide any color our clients want.



Please contact us at any time, if there is something we can help.