1U Chair for Data Center Operators

1U Chair for Data Center Operators

1U Chair can be folded and stored in a server rack.

For comfortability of data center operators.

For operational efficiency in Data center.

1U Chair is mainly leveraged in Data Centers or Network Centers all over the world.

There are main situations around the world that 1U chair is utilized in. For instance, in Data Center. Data Center operators are sitting on the floor when they are doing a light work in data center. In that case it is a good time to use 1U chair and 1U chair is supposed to be used for such a situation.

Data Center operator`s comments for 1U chair.

  • I hate a long work in data center…Because there is no comfortable chair.
  • I am using 1U chair in data center. It is much better than sitting on the floor.

etc…. Thankfully, we have got comments from customers.

Features- 1U Chair

  • It can be folded and stored in 1U size.
  • 1U Chair can be stored in a server rack when it is not been using.
  • It is easy to pull 1U Chair out from the tray in a server rack.
  • Strength – Weight capacity is approximately 150kg.

We can propose the optimum model tailored to customers, so feel free to contact us from inquiry of specification to operation method.

Official Product Name

1U Chair

Coating Color

Silver color, Blue color, Red color

Model Number




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