Company Profile

Company Profile

Name CenterPEER Corporation
Founded March 2003
Established January 2007
Address Head Office

2F Nihonbashi-honcho Square, 1-2-6 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023

Noda Plant

530-1 Nakanodai, Noda-shi, Chiba 278-0035

President & CEO Yoshihisa Ueno
Business operations Design, manufacture and sale of server racks, 19” racks and peripheral devices

Installation and proposal of customized solutions, etc., for server racks and 19” racks for server rooms and office environments

Main products Server racks (19” racks and other racks)

Special-purpose and custom-made racks

Earthquake-resistant bases

Peripheral devices and optional tools for server racks

Smart device cabinets

Distributors / Dealers

Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd.

SoftBank Commerce & Service Corp.

Corporate Vision

Giving shape to the dreams and aspirations of everyone that we interact with.
CenterPEER is an IT Platform vendor with a primary focus on server racks and 19” racks. Naturally, it is our mission to provide suitable solutions for engineers involved in the construction and configuration of server racks and server devices. But our vision does not end there.
We are constantly considering about what server environments should be like, and how they should be created, with respect to system developers who engage in their work through servers, and operators who carry out all manner of duties based on IT infrastructure. We also observe and consider the needs of businesspeople, for whom IT has become an indispensable tool, and general consumers, who make skillful use of IT as an integral part of their everyday lives, in many cases without a conscious awareness of its presence.
At CenterPEER, we work to improve the servers and server environments that underpin these IT technologies and services; giving shape to the dreams and aspirations of everyone that we interact with, from a broad-minded perspective.

Message from the President

CenterPEER’s mission is to be the driving force behind the scenes of the ICT industry

In the ICT-related business market, the range of content, telecom solutions and services that combine PC user environments with communications technologies is expanding rapidly. With this in mind, the demand for the expansion and enhancement of the ICT environments that underpin the infrastructure for these services is also increasing.
At CenterPEER Corporation, since the time of our initial founding, we have continued to offer products that facilitate the creation of better ICT environments, and solutions to resolve issues faced by our corporate customers engaged in business operations in the ICT industry. In particular, I think that we offer a high level of customer satisfaction in our provision of ICT environment infrastructure to content providers (offering various forms of Internet-based content), service providers, data center operators, banks, securities brokerage firms and other financial institutions, and the information systems departments of a range of general business enterprises.
ICT is an important and crucial technology in the advancement of the sophisticated, information-based society in which we live. In working to improve and enhance ICT user environments, the most important key concepts are optimization to match the needs of users; the actual embodiment of solutions to those needs (moving towards the realization of that optimization); and durability, long-term sustainability and stability in terms of operational aspects.
At CenterPEER Corporation, we are supporting the future of ICT, as a key player behind the scenes of ICT user environments.

Proposing better IT environments, as innovative designers and creators for the future

At CenterPEER Corporation, as a company that offers products and solutions to improve the ICT environments used by our customers, we consider all of our staff to be designers and creators for the future, taking up the challenge of future innovation. For this reason, we are engaged in a variety of activities and programs for concentrating and combining the individual innovative powers of each and every one of our employees, to achieve the realization of a higher added-value business that is more effective and more useful to our customers. We are also driving forward powerfully towards our goal of making more active contributions as a cutting-edge company in the proposal of ICT infrastructure and environments for our business customers in information-based industries.

President and CEO

Yoshihisa Ueno


Head Office

Noda Plant