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How to Choose an Server Rack

10月 12, 2018

This article is for those who are not exactly sure which server rack you would need to choose.

I hope the article can be any help to you.

Server Rack / 19 inch Rack Guidebook.

The contents similar to this page can also be viewed in the PDF file “Server Rack / 19 inch Rack  Guide”, please download and utilize it.

How to Guide PDF

How to decide each part.



STEP1 Size and Rack Unit.


Specify the rack’s size in the first spot.



STEP2 Doors

Specify the doors based on your specification.


STEP3 Panel

Specify its top panel, side panel, and bottom panel.



STEP4 Color/ Coating

Specify Color and coating.

If you have any idea of color, feel free to ask us, please.






STEP5 Other Specifications

Specify some specifications such as Mounting Rails, Key type, and Seismic load.


STEP6 Extra

There are not standard type but feel free to contact us.