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Giving shape to the dreams and aspirations of everyone we encounter. We are CenterPEER: the server rack experts.


CenterPEER: Professionals at providing the housings and foundations that underpin ICT solutions

Manufacturing of: Server Racks, 19” Racks, Cabinets, Airflow Solutions, Slide Rails, Device Charging Cabinets, Claps etc.
CenterPEER is a specialist manufacturer of server rack solutions for resolving all manner of issues that arise in the construction of ICT infrastructure. At the same time, we are also a unique IT infrastructure-solutions vendor, delivering device housings and foundational equipment such as server racks, earthquake-resistant mountings and specialized cabinets; and investing more time, energy and passion into solving the issues faced by our customers in the field of IT infrastructure building than any other vendor.

About Us

CenterPEER’s 3 Key Advantages


Flexible Response Capabilities

At CenterPEER, since the time of our initial founding, we have continued to listen carefully to the problems and issues faced by our customers, working not only to fulfill their functional requirements and needs, but also investing our full energies into the resolution of their issues; from envisaging all manner of usage situations, fine-tuning usability, strength and durability, to finishing with appropriate paints and/or coatings. As a result, we have been entrusted with delivering over 10,000 specialized solutions, including numerous individual (custom) design projects.


Uncompromising Quality

Japan is a country that is often plagued by natural disasters. CenterPEER takes pride in its continual pursuit of high product quality, catering to strict requirements that do not allow for errors of even a few millimeters. Our uncompromising efforts in product development—such as in conducting continuous NEBS seismic wave testing and other earthquake tests—are representative of our unchanging commitment towards product quality.


Spirit of Facing New Challenges

The development of a new product often involves numerous design adjustments and prototypes. Despite the difficulties involved, at CenterPEER, we enjoy our development efforts. Armed with innovative ideas and industry know-how, we work to create unique products that will give shape and form to the dreams and aspirations of each and every one of the customers that we interact with.


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